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Great Brands

Want to know more about our brands and why you should be stocking them? Simply click on the images below to find out more helpful information.

Your Rewards

Meet our winner of the Sparkling Store Makeover!

Gaurave store was transformed into a festive and theatrical store,
boosting sales around the seasonal occasion. 


Countdown to EASTER! 

Our Easter portfolio has something for everybody


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 Stock up and celebrate with something very special

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Nutella b-ready

The nations favourite spread, now in a biscuit - learn more about it here.


Your key insights

We shed light on the performance of shoppers buying sweet treats with the latest shopper insights that will help drive your sales.

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Shopping list

Find inspiration and discover how stocking the right products could increase your impulse purchases.

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Plan for profit

View the latest shelf displays and get the most impact from your layout.

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