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Putting a spring in your sales

Jan 31

Putting a spring in your sales

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Chocolate remains hugely popular during the spring season, with many shoppers buying for all ages to gift and share[1]. When it comes to choosing what to buy, shoppers have begun to look at how special and unique the products are and to show the thought that has gone into each purchase. With the Thorntons brand now firmly under our roof, we will be able to offer retailers something for all of their shoppers’ needs this spring. 

Must stocks this spring 


     Adult Seasonal Must Stocks

  • Ferrero Rocher Grand Rocher 125g & 240g – £5.24 and £8.99
  • Classic Collection Egg 220g
  • Classic Collection Gift Egg
  • Continental Gift Egg
  • Ferrero Rocher Egg 275g
  • Thorntons Nuts & Praline Collection Egg £6
  • Thorntons Mint Collection Egg £6
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie Luxury Dessert Egg £12

      Kids Seasonal Must Stocks

  • Kinder Bunny Hutch 150g - £5.99
  • Kinder Mini Figure T3 & T6 - £1.25 and £1.99
  • Kinder Choco- Bons 300g - £4.00
  • Kinder Joy - £0.99
  • Thorntons Harry Hopalot Milk & White 200g - £6.00
  • Thorntons Football Milk Egg - £3.00

Media Investment

For the first time in six years, Thorntons will be on the nations’ screens in the lead up to the spring occasions. Plus, to ensure it is completely unmissable, Ferrero Rocher will be back with its ‘Magic Tree’ TV creative in the run up to Easter. Raffaello brand will also receive a £850,000 media investment this spring. 

We'd love to see your spring displays so please do drop us an image to 

[1] AC Nielsen: Total Coverage - Data to 26.03.16