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Retailer of the Month – AWARDS SEASON SPECIAL

Oct 14

Retailer of the Month – AWARDS SEASON SPECIAL


This month, our retailer of the month win goes to Amit Puntambekar – a rising retail star who was shortlisted for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Retail Industry Awards. Having been in the industry for just over two years, Amit’s family-owned Nisa store near Cambridge has been a keystone of the community since the late 1980’s.


Having seen his sales increase by 11% YoY, Amit has recently taken the decision to completely revamp the store to focus on the core needs and demands of his customers, including an update to his confectionery offering by moving towards a sharing bag model and focusing on core impulse lines. To celebrate the store re-opening, Ferrero shared a Ferrero Rocher bouquet along with stock to support his sales after the re-fit.


With several key seasonal sales spikes to take place throughout the next few months, Amit offers his top tips for success:


  • “Most importantly, getting the core range right is crucial to sales during this time of the year. We know that confectionery is an area of the store that will deliver a great return, so we always prioritise getting a strong mixture of well-known and popular products, as well as some more niche products that encourage shoppers to experiment. We had great success last year with the whole Ferrero range, as it’s a brand that people know, love and (most importantly) trust.”
  • “Assess your seasonal trade and work your displays accordingly. Often, seasonal confectionery purchases for occasions like Diwali or Halloween are totally unplanned, so it’s so important to capture the attention of shoppers as they enter or move around the shop. The best way to do this is installing a dedicated display that disrupts their journey and encourages them to add an item to their basket”
  • “Understand your shopper. Despite the store’s success in recent years, we wanted to go back to basics and revisit the core needs of our shoppers. We took the decision to revamp our store, installing more chilled drinks space and have expanded our fresh food space too. We’ve even shaken-up our confectionery space, boosting our sharing bag offering to meet the demand of our shoppers.”

Are you our next Retailer of the Month?