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Making the most of Diwali

Oct 29

Making the most of Diwali

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Once again autumn is upon us, which means that the days are getting shorter, you’re probably putting on extra layers as it gets colder, and that the night sky will soon be illuminated with brilliant fireworks displays up and down the country. That’s not all though – the autumn season hosts two key calendar events that provide a great number of sales opportunities for retailers: Halloween - falling on October 31st and Diwali - falling on 7th November.

The latter of the two, Diwali, is of ever growing importance and creating in-store theatre by utilising stand-out point of sale will ensure that customers looking for that special gift during the festival period do not have to go far. Couple that with promotional activities and you’re sure to have a recipe for success.

It goes without saying that stocking premium confectionery during any seasonal period is important, but lines such as Ferrero Rocher in particular are synonymous with Diwali and its golden foiled exterior makes it the perfect gift during the festival of light.

Zara Saleem of Supersave London comments: “Events such as Diwali are growing in importance for convenience stores and it gives us a chance to support the local community. By teaming with Ferrero during the festival, it gave us the opportunity to compete with the supermarkets and we saw a sales increase of 30% yoy with our most popular line being the Ferrero Rocher T16”.



Tips for retailers

• Create in store theatre to catch attention:

Seasonal POS plays an important role in attracting attention so making sure your offering is as disruptive and eye-catching as possible will ensure that it doesn’t go un-noticed. Speak to your sales rep or visit to see the free POS available

• Get to know your suppliers:

The supplier and its representatives have a wealth of knowledge for you to tap into. At Ferrero we continue to invest in our salesforce to ensure retailers are in contact with us on a regular basis. If you would like to meet with a Ferrero representative to discuss your Ferrero Rocher offering then please contact

• Create dual sitings:

Interrupt shopper missions with dual sitings of Ferrero Rocher in your store, using T16s and T24s