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July's Retailer of the Month Retailer of the Month

Jul 05

July's Retailer of the Month

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Retailing for over 30 years, Atul Sodha’s Londis store in Harefield, West London is a perfect hub for the local community. Offering hot food, unique products and core ranges the store has everything that shoppers need in one place – plus a friendly service and a smile on top.

For Atul, interacting with his shoppers and suppliers makes his day go round. Constantly innovating and trying new things he learns best from working in partnership with brands to maximise sales.

“Knowledge is powerful – the more I can get from brands the more I can inform my shoppers on the best solutions and product attributes,” comments Sodha.

Stocking an array of Ferrero brands in his store from Kinder to Nutella & GO!, Atul values the time he gets with the Ferrero sales team as they highlight gaps he may have in his store and any new products he should be stocking.

“Getting the core right is vital, ultimately this is what my shoppers want - everything else is a bonus," concluds Sodha.