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Congratulations to Gaurave Sood, our Retailer of the Month! Retailer of the Month

Mar 13

Congratulations to Gaurave Sood, our Retailer of the Month!

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Gaurave Sood

Congratulations to Guarave Sood, our Retailer of the Month!


Gaurave Sood runs the Neelam store in Hillingdon, West London. Gaurave’s store is firmly at the heart of the local community, and is so popular with regular customers that one shopper has even named his pet cat after his favourite convenience shop!


Gaurave had these top tips for success:


  • “Customer service is paramount; this is what has been passed down for 3 generations now as my grandfather started the store in the 1970s. Building that rapport with the local community helps create those strong bonds and generate customer loyalty”
  • “Make sure to stock established, household names brands. Customers recognise the Ferrero brand and know it for its quality, and are willing to spend a higher amount for quality confectionary. We learnt during the Sparkling Store Makeover in December that by keeping a decent range, we’ll be able to sell confectionery at all times of the year”
  • “After the Sparkling Store Makeover, we learnt a lot about creating theatre in our community store following this collaboration with Ferrero. We believed such a thing could only happen in large stores and not in a small ‘corner shop’ style store like ours, and now we realise that in-store theatre is a great way to give back to the community.


Gaurave also won our Sparkling Store Makeover competition in December, which saw Neelam transformed into a festive and theatrical store, boosting sales around the seasonal occasion. Check out the store makeover here: