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The Digital Age with Ferrero

Apr 03

The Digital Age with Ferrero

Ferrero, Digital

The digital space is always evolving and Ferrero has constantly aimed to reshape and adapt its offering in response to this. Your Perfect Store has been built in collaboration with retailers, to ensure the final result will help to drive sales, grow categories and evolve businesses.

Research conducted in the planning of Your Perfect Store identified confectionery as the category that retailers want the most help with from suppliers, particularly in terms of category advice and NPD news (79%[1]). Furthermore, 41% of retailers are on Twitter and this is still growing[2] meaning the landscape for communication between the trade is becoming more complex and fragmented and businesses need a clear strategy to join all of the dots. This has been a key focus for us and as a result our trade-facing Twitter account following grew organically by 1,065 throughout 2016, an increase of 133%. It is not just about reaching retailers via one platform anymore, they need differing communications tactics tailored to suit the differing needs throughout their busy days.

The digital landscape for retailers is ever-changing and we are seeing the likes of beacon technology, virtual reality and supplier app development aiding retailers and adding to the shopper experience. It is not about jumping on the latest technological trend, but taking the time to speak with your audience to find out what they need and how they want it delivered. and our retailer Twitter account - @FerreroYPS - will continuously strive to share category advice, offer free point of sale and engage with our followers on happenings in the industry to become the number one confectionery hub. Keeping the content fresh and offering something new that has a genuine and credible influence for our retail partners’ sales is vital for Ferrero.

We hope you enjoy exploring Your Perfect Store.

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