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Quality at Heart

Jun 26

Quality at Heart

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Quality is at the heart of everything we do. 

Since moving into the UK market over 50 years ago, Ferrero has gone from strength to strength. At Ferrero, we are proud of our corporate values that have been part our business since the start. Whether it is from the way we source our ingredients, our standards in manufacturing or our loyalty towards our consumers and the trust they place in our products; we take immense pride in our approach to quality in everything that we do. 

From firm favourites like Kinder Surprise to recent introductions like Raffaello, our products have a loyal following. However, while our products have done the talking, we realise that people want to know more about us as a business.
This is why we have developed a new Ferrero digital campaign that speaks directly about some of our values. Quality at Heart will lift the lid on what matters to us and some of the reasons that make our business so special.

What quality means to us

We care about the details that guarantee the quality of our unique products. Our dedication to quality and excellence, our heritage and our family values, our respect for the environment and the communities in which we work: all of these are reflected in our desire to sustain and celebrate life's special moments.

The Quality at Heart campaign will initially launch with three films, each of which reflects a key area where Ferrero demonstrates its approach to quality. 

Film 1 – Using our nutritional approach as a company, the first film demonstrates and champions our approach to small portion sizes; in fact did you know 95% of our products are under a 150kcal? 

Film 2 - In our second film, we focus on the impact of one of our key Ferrero CSR projects Kinder + Sport in local communities and how we inspire our children to live an active and balanced lifestyle in line with our nutritional principles 

Film 3 - In our third film, we look at the care and attention that goes into every little detail behind our products. 

This is just the start of our Quality at Heart journey and we are incredibly excited to share some of the few areas that makes us so special. Follow us @FerreroUK for the latest updates from the campaign.