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Nutella B-Ready and hot drinks, the perfect pair

Jun 19

Nutella B-Ready and hot drinks, the perfect pair

Nutella, Brands

Looking for creative ways to drive impulse purchases? Nutella B-Ready is the ideal mid-morning snack, containing 115 calories, making it the perfect accompaniment to a coffee on the go. We worked with a group of YourPerfectStore members, providing stock and countertop units to encourage the purchase of a Nutella B-Ready bar along with any hot drink, with fantastic results!

Here’s how you can get involved:

• Sign post
Position B-Ready by your hot drinks machine, using our free display solutions to sign post to your customers
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• Timing is everything
Nutella B-ready is the practical way to enjoy Nutella anywhere. Encourage shoppers to grab a B-Ready when buying a hot drink, especially around the morning commute or elevenses moments

• Get social
Social media can help prompt your customers to look for that something special; get creative with your photos and images to stand out from the crowd

• Try the delicious pair for yourself!