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Ferrero helps retailers share the love with local communities this Valentine’s Day

Ferrero helps retailers share the love with local communities this Valentine’s Day

In the build up to Valentine’s Day 2022, we launched a digital-led competition to support convenience retailers to drive engagement among shoppers. Five lucky stores received five limited-edition Ferrero Rocher-inspired rose bouquets (worth £50 each), that they each gifted to loyal customers, hardworking staff and members of their community who they believed deserved a reward. The prize also included stock and POS to help make sure Ferrero Rocher and Thorntons Pearls were unmissable in their stores ahead of the big day. Seasonal occasions are the perfect opportunity to drive additional sales, with opportunities also spanning Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day. By putting on a competition or giveaway for shoppers, retailers have a chance to further engage their local community and seasonal events are the perfect time to do this. How will you be marking these occasions in your store?

Take a look below at how some of our winning retailers chose to share the prizes and how it has positively impacted their relationship with their shoppers.

Mukesh Patel from Capel News in Dorking “We’re delighted to have won the competition and to be able to spread a little love this Valentine’s Day. Our local shoppers have been so important to the store over the last few years, so we’re thrilled to be able to give back to them with the help of Ferrero.

“Two of the people we gifted the bouquets to were Shawn, a great customer of ours, and Lyndsey, a very good employee. They are both always very helpful and kind so we are extremely pleased that the special edition Ferrero rose bouquets we shared have put a smile on their faces.”

“We also noticed more sales than last year for Ferrero and Thorntons. I think it’s because my customers loved the Valentine’s Day display and thought they the flowers chocolate together were a great combo!”

Amrit Kaur, from Maan News in Halesowen “We’re so pleased to have won the competition and to have the chance to celebrate some of our most loyal customers. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the support of our customers throughout the pandemic, so we are extremely pleased to be able to give back to them through the Valentine’s Day competition with the help of Ferrero.

“We decided to gift one of the bouquets to Ann Barlow as she is a very loyal customer of ours. She always gives up her time up to help others and is a real asset to our community.”

Kamlesh Patel from Ardingly News in West Sussex “I was so pleased to find out that I had won the competition. I run a very small store that relies on the support of the community, and so to have the chance to celebrate some of our most loyal customers is amazing.

“Cathy James and Fiona Rocks, two customers who we chose to gift a bouquet to, run a village community, called Ardingly Connected Together, where they collect food for the families that are struggling, organise clubs with books, DVDs, and toys for everyone in the village on a free basis, as well as helping with transport for people who need hospital trips. They are extremely deserving of the special flowers, and I am so delighted I was able to present them to these ladies.”

“We did have a slight increase in the turnover over the Valentine’s period if I compare it to last year, and this year because of the Ferrero Chocolate display next to the flower stand, I noticed customers pick up more chocolates as it was the main attraction when they walked inside the store.”

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